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What is an investment attractiveness of the project?

High competition is a given in today’s business environment in almost all sectors of the economy.And under these conditions, an influx of investments can give a significant impetus to the development and scaling of a business by increasing efficiency with a competent strategy.The result will be an increase in the value of the company, as well as its performance.

Investment attractiveness is important for investors, since the analysis of the enterprise and its investment attractiveness allows to reduce the risk of erroneous investment of funds to a minimum.

To attract investment, a company needs to understand the factors of investment attractiveness and prepare investment documents in a quality manner. The process of forming investment attractiveness begins with an understanding of the questions: – what does an investor need from you?- how does he approach the assessment of investment attractiveness?— on what factors does the investor base his decisions on the consideration of the project and on its financing?

Here are some examples of such investment attractiveness factors:

– the level of professionalism of the team;

– a unique business concept;

– understanding of the company’s development strategy;

– a detailed business plan;

– potential for market leadership;

– the potential to increase the company’s revenues;

– degree of financial transparency;

– characteristics of the ownership structure;

– availability of the potential for obtaining high returns on invested capital.

And this is only a small part of the issues that investors pay attention to. The formation of the investment attractiveness of the company lies in the correct “packaging”.

So let’s sum it up:
– If you are an investor, you should understand that for reliable investments it is necessary to correctly assess the attractiveness of projects using the experience of specialized specialists.


– If you are a company that plans to attract investments, then you need to think like an investor and properly prepare information about your company.

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